CHS™ MSMS Steroid Kit

PerkinElmer’s new CHS™ MSMS Steroid Kit helps you to implement liquid chromatography – tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MSMS) in your laboratory and hence to meet your present and future steroid assay needs.

Improved specificity and sensitivity

New LC-MSMS methods represent the most successful approach towards improving on the specificity attainable using immunoassays. As well as offering improved analytical performance, the CHS MSMS Steroid Kit also provides you with the opportunity to view the overall pattern of expression of steroids rather than relying on individual one-off tests.

The CHS MSMS Steroid Kit supports major savings in time and costs. It is especially well suited for specimens with low concentrations and small volume. With such specimens, the thoroughly validated kit affords high sensitivity and specificity through analyte-specific calibration together with the ability to measure 10 steroid analytes in the same aliquot.

PerkinElmer CHS MSMS Steroid Kit represents the latest generation in LC-MSMS products, offering superior limits of quantification. The kit is fast and easy to use, and requires no derivatization steps. Using a sample volume of only 100 μl, the multianalyte steroid profiling kit provides results for 10 analytes in the same assay:

Download (CHS MSMS Steroid Kit) (538.2 kB)