biocBiochrom has a long history of making quality scientific instruments for a wide range of applications in the clinical, life-science and industrial markets.


Biochrom has been designing and manufacturing UV/Vis spectrophotometers since 1981. Biochrom spectrophotometers cover the range from simple, portable colorimeters to high performance, pharmacopoeia-compliant, double-beam UV spectrophotometers.

Microplate Readers

Our Biochrom EZ Read microplate readers provide the optimum choice ranging from simple absorbance readers, to single or multi-channel channel PC driven units, to fully functional monochromator microplate systems with on-board software.

Microplate Washers

Microplate washer is ideal for both absorbance and luminescence based microplate assays. Ideal for busy laboratories.

Micro plate shaker/incubators

The EZ ThermoShake is a conveniently-sized bench top incubator shaker that is both easy to use and provides accurate temperature control. Ideal for biochemistry, microbiology and clinical labs.

 Amino Acid Analysis

The Biochrom 30+ series amino acid analyzers deliver highly resolved amino acid separation and specific detection for applications ranging from clinical screening to analysis of food and feedstuffs.

Our product range has five world class brands including:

All our instruments are sold worldwide through our international distribution network.