hidex-logoHidex is a family owned high technology company which develops and manufactures high performance analysis equipment for life science research, radiation measurement and nuclear medicine.


Our products utilize modern technology and excellent tradition of workmanship. With strong links to the scientific community we continue to innovate and develop to improve scientific research and safety of everyday life.Over the years Hidex has introduced technological innovations in microplate reading, gamma counters, nuclear medicine and PET radiochemistry.

  • first portable liquid scintillation counter
  • first microplate reader to combine radiometric and non-radiometric detection technologies
  • first commercial automated TDCR liquid scintillation counter
  • first commercial online infusion system for oxygen-15 water with disposable filters
  • first automatic gamma counter with an on board balance

With our customers we improve the research of medicine, safety of nuclear industry, sustainability of the environment and purity of our food and water supplies.


The Hidex 300 SL automatic liquid scintillation counter incorporates advanced triple-to-double coincidence ratio counting (TDCR) technology in a compact design. This advanced technology enables unrivalled ease-of-use and convenience for liquid scintillation counting.


Automatic gamma counter for nuclear medicine and PET

Never before has there existed a gamma counter dedicated to Nuclear Medicine and PET applications. With our on board balance, samples can automatically be weighed and results reported as activity per mass or volume. This saves the operator valuable time and provides additional safety of correct results.

With our touchscreen operated software and application focused design we guarantee effortless work flow with results simply at your fingertip. For short lived isotopes the software automatically calculates decay corrected activities.

 MULTI-LABEL TESTING (liquid scintillation, luminometry and gamma counter)

The Triathler Multilabel Tester combines three powerful detection technologies: liquid scintillation counting, luminometry and gamma counting in one compact unit. The Triathler MLT can also be equipped with alpha-beta separation technology, and is available in a field-ready format for on-site measurements.


The Hidex Sense Beta Plus microplate reader uniquely combines liquid scintillation, beta and gamma counting, high sensitivity luminescence and all common non-radioactive detection technologies including spectral photometric detection into one compact instrument. The Plate CHAMELEON V Liquid Scintillation Microplate Reader is the most economical and compact liquid scintillation microplate reader on the market. It is also the only reader that can be combined with temperature control for incubated assays and upgraded with automatic reagent injectors for flash-type luminometric assays.