perkinelmer-logoPerkinElmer is the global leader in prenatal, neonatal and mass spectrometry-based screening, providing the platforms of choice in many parts of the world.

Neonatal Screening Systems

The PerkinElmer neonatal screening platform is used to detect congenital diseases that are treatable only when identified during the first days of life. We supply all of the PerkinElmer instruments, kits, reagents and software that you need to establish a superior neonatal screening program.

autodelfia2Maternal & Fetal Health

PerkinElmer is a global company focused on improving the health and safety of people and their environment. Within the field of fetal and maternal healthcare, PerkinElmer offers complete screening solutions including instrumentation, reagents and risk calculation software for early detection of pregnancy related anomalies.

Three different platforms; DELFIA®, DELFIA® Xpress and AutoDELFIA®, offer you optimal throughput for your specific needs for fetal and maternal screening. PerkinElmer’s complete solution enables pre-eclampsia risk assessment in all trimesters of pregnancy and provides a complete set of markers needed for Downs syndrome screening in both 1st and 2nd trimesters of pregnancy.


PerkinElmer is also a pioneer in the field of molecular cytogenetic analysis continuously working towards innovation and development of cutting-edge technologies to improve human health. PerkinElmer’s advanced chemagen technology provides cytogenetics and human genetic testing laboratories expertise in nucleic acid isolation across various sample types.

For higher detection rates, streamlined processes, and faster results in molecular cytogenetics research, count on our validated, innovative products. Based on BACs-on-Beads™ (BoBs™) multiplexing technology and on oligonucleotide-based microarray methods, these solutions represent the state of the art in molecular techniques for cytogenetic laboratories. These products cover your complete workflow — comprising reagents, instruments and software.

q16-2Automated Extraction (Chemagen)

A crucial step in genetic testing is the isolation of high quality DNA or RNA. PerkinElmer’s chemagen Technology offers flexible solutions in a huge variety of research market segments including, but not limited to, Biobanking/Human Genetics, HLA Typing, Virus and Bacteria Detection.

As the number of samples increases, the need for automation becomes more acute. Automation also offers better reproducibility and reliability in the isolation process. The key competence behind chemagen Technology is the isolation of genomic DNA and total RNA. This competence is expressed in chemagic Kit products, which contain proprietary magnetic particles with a high affinity to nucleic acids and low protein binding.

PerkinElmer has worked with chemagen for years to provide automated liquid handling platforms with DNA preparation capabilities.

Clinical Kits

PerkinElmer has integrated their expertise in both mass spectrometry and clinical diagnostics to play a pioneering role in introducing tandem mass spectrometry (MSMS) for clinical applications.