The Biochrom 30 series

Amino Acid Analysis is a technique based on ion exchange liquid chromatography, used in a wide range of application areas from Clinical to Feedstuffs, to provide qualitative and quantitative composition analysis Based on established Ninhydrin detection technlogy to provide rapid specific analysis, these Biochrom state of the art products are fully integrated into a complete package incorporating ceramic and PEEK active components for long life, freedom from contamination and minimal maintenance.




The new series consists of three compact bench top, PC-controlled liquid ion exchange chromatography systems dedicated to rapid and specific amino acid analysis within the Clinical, pharmaceutical, proteomics, food and feedstuff industries.

  • Biochrom 30 is dedicated to the analysis of Physiological samples
  • Biochrom 31 is dedicated to the analysis of Protein Hydrolysate
  • Biochrom 32 is dedicated to the analysis of Oxidised Protein Hydrolysate
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