Resins & Columns

ReadyToProcess chromatography columns are standardized high-performance bioprocessing columns validated against defined specifications. The columns are prepacked with a range of BioProcess media and are supplied ready for use. A robust column design and validated packing methods enable production with high lot-to-lot consistency. Standardized column formats allow off-the-shelf availability for short delivery lead times. To enhance security of supply, a customer safety stock offering is available for the ReadyToProcess columns.

ReadyToProcess columns are well-suited for purification of biopharmaceuticals for preclinical as well as clinical phase I and II studies. If the scale allows, these columns can also be used for commercial production. The columns can be used in a broad range of chromatographic application, such as separation of proteins, endotoxins, DNA, plasmids, vaccines, and viruses.

ReadyToProcess chromatography embraces the concept of lean manufacturing by eliminating non-value-adding steps such as column preparation, packing, qualification, and sanitization to significantly reduce cost and overall process time. ReadyToProcess columns are closed units and the design allows easy disposal after completed production, enabling flexibility in operations and eliminating cross-contamination risk.

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