Hemoglobinopathy screening and diagnostics

Resolve® Hemoglobin kit

perkinelmer-logo-smallPerkinElmer has taken every step needed to assure the highest standards of reliability and safety in detecting hemoglobinopathy disorders. Employing proven isoelectric focusing (IEF) technology, the kit is supplied in versions for both adult and neonatal samples. It supports throughputs of up to 500 samples per day using whole blood, dried blood spots or cord blood samples.
The RESOLVE® Systems Hemoglobin Kit use isoelectric focusing (IEF) to detect hemoglobin variants in whole blood, cord blood or blood spot samples. IEF, a high resolution form of electrophoresis, provides greater specificity and sensitivity in hemoglobin separation. The Hemoglobin test method allows specific separation of Hb C from Hb A2 and Hb E, as well as Hb D-Los Angeles, Hb G-Philadelphia and Hb-Lepore from Hb S. Even minor variants such as Hb Bart’s in newborns and Hb Constant Spring in adults are detected with IEF.
In addition to its resolving ability and sensitivity, the kit makes isoelectric focusing convenient and economical for any lab. It is designed for use on most horizontal isoelectric focusing systems. The kit includes precast agarose IEF gels, anolyte and catholyte solutions, precut wicks, sample application templates, and blotting paper. It is important to use hemoglobin markers when detecting variants.

RESOLVE® testing equipment

perkinelmer-logo-smallRESOLVE® gel products, RESOLVE testing equipment and the IsoScan® Digital Imaging System are in use in hospitals, clinics and neonatal labs throughout the world. The products enjoy a reputation for high performance, speed and flexibility to accommodate different laboratory’s needs.
The IEF technique combined with the specially formulated gels enables good separation between hemoglobin bands differing by only 0.02 pH units, resulting in highly resolved, identifiable results. With the high quality separation achieved on the gels, it is possible to observe and compare unique hemoglobins within specific populations. PerkinElmer offers the extendSURE™ HbFASC Control product, which includes pI position markers for the key haemoglobin variants, HbF, HbA, HbS and HbC.
The RESOLVE method takes 60- 90 minutes, excluding sample preparation. One operator can run multiple Multiphor II electrophoresis units to produce a high number of results within the same time frame with easy visual inspection as runs progress.
Product Flexibility
PerkinElmer offers you two different sizes of gels, packaged conveniently to best suit your laboratory’s needs. Each size of gel can be used on the Multiphor II electrophoresis unit to evaluate cord blood, blood spots, or whole blood samples.
Multiple Evaluation Methods
Hemoglobin gels may be evaluated with or without stain. In newborn screening applications staining is recommended, and for this purpose we offer the JB-2 Staining system as well as trays and rocking systems to fix, rinse, and/or stain the gels.



IsoScan imaging system for hemoglobin testing

For use with the RESOLVE® hemoglobin system, the IsoScan® Imaging System creates a high-resolution digital image of the gel so that whole bands can be evaluated on-screen. The system comes complete with specified and tested IsoScan scanner, computer and monitor together with specially developed IsoScan software. You can work through patient samples in groups and individually label suspect bands. Results are generated as individual reports or all samples, listing percentage, pI and comments.

  • Supports positive patient identification
  • Immediate selection of abnormal samples for retesting
  • Individual patient image
  • Permanent electronic record
  • User-friendly, easy to learn program
  • Highly sensitive detection of low-level hemoglobin