SCID screening

perkinelmer-logo-smallPerkinElmer is proud to introduce the first commercial TREC screening assay. The assay forms part of a complete system, CE-marked to assure safe and effective use as an aid in screening for SCID.
EnLite™ Neonatal TREC assay is a dried blood spot (DBS) assay employing PCR-based nucleic acid amplification and time-resolved fluorescence resonance energy transfer (TR-FRET) technology. Manufactured according to good manufacturing practice (GMP), the kit contains all reagents ready to use, and control and calibrator materials supplied in DBS format to make them as closely representative as possible.

  • EnLite™ Neonatal TREC assay

EnLite Neonatal TREC is a duplex assay that detects TREC, the marker of SCID, and beta-actin, which is used as an internal control for each specimen.

  • VICTOR™ EnLite instrument

VICTOR EnLite is a plate-reading fluorometer employing TR-FRET to provide simultaneous detection of the assay’s dual labels.

  • EnLite Workstation software with Specimen Gate® option

EnLite Workstation interprets the results from the instrument and provides flexible reporting options.