Biochrom Libra

biocAdvanced Spectrophotometers

High performance instruments with added application value for academia, research and industry

Drawing on 35 years of experience in the design and manufacture of spectrophotometers, the Biochrom Libra range of UV/Vis spectrophotometers cover a wide range of applications and are suitable for most laboratories.

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Double Beam Spectrophotometers

Single Beam Spectrophotometers

Biochrom WPA

biocCompact spectrophotometers and colorimeters

An established international brand, Biochrom WPA has innovative spectrophotometers and colorimeters designed to meet the varied needs of cutting-edge life science laboratories, general laboratories, science education in schools and colleges, and tropical medicine clinics.

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Biochrom WPA

UV-visible spectrophotometers are a ubiquitous tool in the life sciences because of the wide range of molecules that can be detected and analyzed using this technique. Like many other everyday items, it’s easy to forget how long you have had your spectrophotometer and you might not think about its performance or capabilities until you need to replace it.